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[REQUEST] Can I please have metrics about Commons
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Name for main point of contact and contact preference
*Erica L.
What teams or departments is this for?
*Product (Selena, Commons working group)
What are your goals? How will you use this data or analysis?
*I'd like to establish a routine of publicly publishing the data at .
What are the details of your request? Include relevant timelines or deadlines
A while ago at a meeting Kate mentioned wanting to share with the Commons community metrics that are about the site/activity/users, etc. I am talking about the kind of metrics that her team already retrieves regularly to be presented to the dept monthly. RN, we don't need more than that.
Would someone in this team be able to send me the most recent data you have on Commons?
I'm designing a new page and I'd be really happy to share graphs, tables, etc. there! TYSM for your attention.
Is this request urgent or time sensitive?
*Yes. Sorry about this. :(

Event Timeline

I'm talking with @Elitre and looping in @mpopov so we can determine next steps, will circle back on this ticket

@DAbad will be setting up time for us to chat further about the metrics needs.

In the meantime, I gathered some of the data that was shared under the One Foundation Metrics that Matter work in this doc (internal).

I'm already happy with that, but glad this is sparking more convos.

mpopov triaged this task as High priority.
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