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Opening specific page causes a timeout
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Trying to open page
causes i timeout. Viewing the source works:
. I Suspect that it has something to do with recursion as there is
{{{{PAGENAME}}}} in the source.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal



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That cause an infinite loop: the template is calling itself.
So basicly don't use it :o)

What are you trying todo exactly ?

It's used to include short summary according of given date to date page. Look
for example . I thought infine loops
were hammered out? Also i think brion investigated the page already and got some
weird results.

rowan.collins wrote:

Oh, I get it. For those still staring in confusion, as I was, the trick is that
*once used on a page*, {{PAGENAME}} refers to the page *containing* the
template, not the template itself. So because {{foo}} causes the inclusion of
[[Template:Foo]], not [[Foo]], {{{{PAGENAME}}}} *on anything other than a
Template page* includes the *template* with the same name as the current
article. i.e. within the article [[Bar]] {{{{PAGENAME}}}} is actually equivalent
to {{Template:Bar}}. So that template does make sense, it just eats itself when
you view it directly.

As for the bug, I wonder if the problem is that the code never checks for a page
*directly* including itself, because it seems such an odd thing to happen?
Unless, of course, the bug is caused by something else on the page...

Oh, and I think there's a possible workaround - if the template wasn't stored in
the template namespace (move it to Wikipedia:Päivämalline or something) it
wouldn't be trying to include itself any more (it would be trying to include
Template:Päivämalline, which then wouldn't exist).

zigger wrote:

Loop detection seems to have been improved by Brion since 1.4beta6 about a week ago.

zigger wrote:

Marking as fixed, because none of the revisions of the supplied URL cause a
timeout any more (fi now running REL1_4rc1+).

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