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[Indic] Rendering of Text broken when creating pdf through Collection extension in Hindi Wiki projects
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Author: mayurdce

PDF file with Hindi Text from hindi Wikibooks

Hi in hindi wiki projects, all created pdf version of articles have broken fonts rendering, Like I have attached a document in this document all fonts rendering is broken in pdf, प्रशनपत्र is broken into प् र् शनप् त् र्.However if you will copy the text and paste it into text or word file its rendering become correct.So main problem is in pdf rendering.This is just opposite of that bug, It would be great if that bug is resolved so that Many hindi reader may take advantage od pdf versions of the articles.


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mayurdce wrote:

I think assigning this bug to pedia press is of no use, they have already accepted that they can not resolve this problem,I have registered this bug in pedia press website but they have denied for any support regarding this problem, you can refer this bug- that was filed by me in pediapress.

Thank you

mayurdce wrote:

BTW this rendering problem is not there in Bengali wiki projects as they have improved their fonts many times -

So if it is due to fonts then plz install new fonts becoz not all rendering is broken only 40% words are facing broken rendering problem in a pdf version created by Collection extension.

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