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inconsistent naming of data types
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We have at least the following data types in the REST API:

  • globe-coordinate
  • monolingualtext
  • quantity
  • string
  • time
  • wikibase-item
  • commonsMedia
  • url

CommonsMedia and monolingualtext stand out because they don't use a hyphen.

Acceptance criteria:

Open questions:

  • What about the other data types we support? Are they not supported by the REST API yet or just forgotten in the list by @connorshea? If they are supported, do any of them have the same issue?

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@WMDE-leszek this looks like something that we should address before the release. Do you agree?

Ah, yeah the musical notation and math types were missed by me, along with some others. I'm not sure if those currently use hyphens or not.

@WMDE-leszek Hallooo, do you remember what you thought of this ticket? If yes, could you please write it here? Asking so I can move/close it. Dankeschoen

This topic (I am not qualified to say whether it is an issue or "feature") is orthogonal to Wikibase REST API. REST API output presents the "data type" as it is stored in the persistence, same as Action API does, and other interfaces (e.g. JSON dump)
There is indeed "globe-coordinate" or "wikibase-item" in both, same as "monolingualtext". It seems it's been like that since early days of Wikidata/Wikibase.
When discussing it in Winter the conclusion was if the change was to be made to how data types are presented that would rather not be Wikibase REST API specific change, or at least would require some broader approach.
I cannot say if this is "won't fix" kind of ticket - it is however not something the REST API would do on its own.

Thanks Leszek. That's what I didn't remember from our discussion. Let's decline this then.