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[WDQS-GUI] Perform update of `bootstrap-table`
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In the task T327029: WDQS GUI should not remember column sort orderings from previous queries or previous runs, we reverted the update of bootstrap-table from v1.21.1 to v1.12.2 as it was deemed as the cause of the bug described.

In order to ensure that this bug will not occur again due to an automatic update. We can either lock the version of bootstrap-table and await newer versions where this issue does not occur, or update our code to ensure this regression does not repeat. See the following comment by @Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE for a possible hint on where to start T327029#8528123.

Acceptance Criteria:


  • The library is updated and the regression in bootstrap-table does not affect our code


  • The library version is locked, and a new task is scheduled to check in on a possible update which fixes our issue


  • In case the issue turns out to be a bug in bootstrap-table we should consider upstreaming a fix to that library.

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Apparently we’re using the bootstrap-table cookie extension, but it’s only supposed to save the bs.table.pageList, whatever that means…

cookie: true,
cookieIdTable: '1',
cookieExpire: '1y',
cookiesEnabled: [ 'bs.table.pageList' ],

We should check if this is a regression in bootstrap-table or if we’re doing something wrong, and what the pageList thing even is (maybe we can just get rid of the whole cookie extension). In the meantime, I think we can safely revert to the previous version of the library.

This cookie remembers your selection of the page size:

image.png (240×464 px, 13 KB)

I’d say we should keep this, or at least I remember noticing that this is automatically saved, and finding it useful, years ago. So I don’t think we should throw out the cookie extension altogether.

Prio Notes:

  • Could affect end users / production (when dependabot creates a new PR with a version where this bug still occurs, and we merge it while doing chores)
  • Does not affect development efforts
  • Does not affect onboarding efforts
  • Does not additional stakeholders
ItamarWMDE renamed this task from Perform update of `bootstrap-table` to [SW] Perform update of `bootstrap-table`.Feb 15 2023, 8:57 AM
ItamarWMDE added a subscriber: LucasWerkmeister.
ItamarWMDE renamed this task from [SW] Perform update of `bootstrap-table` to Perform update of `bootstrap-table`.Feb 15 2023, 10:19 AM

Apparently there’s a v1.21.3 now (Dependabot change), we can check if that still has the regression or not.

Edit: And a v1.21.4 (Dependabot change)

ItamarWMDE renamed this task from Perform update of `bootstrap-table` to [WDQS-GUI] Perform update of `bootstrap-table`.Mar 14 2023, 1:35 PM
ItamarWMDE added a subscriber: LucasWerkmeister.

Okay, I’ve tested bump bootstrap-table from 1.21.1 to 1.22.1 and was unable to reproduce T327029. (When checking out an older commit, with the bad bootstrap-table version, I was able to reproduce it.)

Update merged.

Not sure if this belongs in tech verification or product verification; probably product?

Also, for product to confirm that the sorting issue didn’t come back, we should deploy a new build to, but I don’t really want to do that on a Friday.

ItamarWMDE changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Aug 21 2023, 3:07 PM

@Arian_Bozorg I think this should also be validated by product after this is deployed to as this regression caused a user facing bug before. Other than that the code changes look fine to me.

@noarave, @guergana.tzatchkova, @HasanAkgun_WMDE let's try to meet up and deploy this using these instructions:

Until then I will mark the task as stalled.

Change 951887 had a related patch set uploaded (by Guergana Tzatchkova; author: Guergana Tzatchkova):

[wikidata/query/gui@master] Add empty commit to allow query/gui build to run

Change 951887 merged by jenkins-bot:

[wikidata/query/gui@master] Add empty commit to allow query/gui build to run

Change 951888 had a related patch set uploaded (by WDQSGuiBuilder; author: WDQSGuiBuilder):

[wikidata/query/gui-deploy@production] Merging from d20c6591ab7b311d75bff636e26dc01c6ae88945

Change 951888 merged by Guergana Tzatchkova:

[wikidata/query/gui-deploy@production] Merging from d20c6591ab7b311d75bff636e26dc01c6ae88945