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Special page listing functions with failing tests
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To allow maintenance, we need a special page that lists all functions that have failing tests.

Either we have a first version that shows only connected tests and connected implementations, or we have a special page that allows to filter for only connected tests, and to filter for only connected implementations.

If the first version is implemented, a follow up bug for the second version should be created and re-triaged.

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We should include the implementation fail ratio for each test (simply the number of failing implementations over the total number of implementations, perhaps also expressed as the result of the division).
If we could also identify tests that had previously passed but currently fail, that would be especially interesting… maybe that would be a diff between successive reports or between the current view and a prior baseline? (So we could have a latest date for each test/implementation combination, by test, implementation and/or function… linked to the metadata — oh, just what we should have on the function page, really!)