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ListeriaBot returns "Last line: ERROR: Login failed"
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ListeriaBot returns "Last line: ERROR: Login failed" for (some/all?) query pages updated by ListeriaBot.

For example:

When clicking on "Liste manuell aktualisieren" (Update list manually) in the right upper corner I get the message "Last line: ERROR: Login failed" and the page is not updated.

Could you please have a look a this?

Thanks a lot!

Also see

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@Magnus - As per, bugs should be registered only via, and no longer via

The documentation in!/search/listeria seems to be obsolete... who can update this?

A documentation entry on is also missing...

I am wondering why it takes Magnus so long to respond to the ticket, since the complete system is unresponsive.

Also the system returns an erroneous OK status, which is misleading, because the list update systematically fails. Problem with proper error trapping?

On, the ListeriaBot tool is missing; shouldn't it be described here as well, including a link to its ticketing system?

Geertivp added a subscriber: Lydia_Pintscher.

@Lydia_Pintscher Strange server error? Who can solve this? The application ListeriaBot has stopped since 8 Februari... GLAM projects are using this tool a lot to organise edit-a-thons...

Still not working but the message when trying to update a page has now changed to "Last line: Return val: 101" from the previous message, at least for me.