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Image upload process
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The custom image upload process is a key element of the whole project. It needs to convey the due diligence that the uploader has done in regard to ethical sharing aspects.

There are two practices that we plan to test.

Checking permissions in the upload process

  • Uploader confirms that permissions have been checked with the people and the community depicted.
  • They can tick some requests, such as not to be named, always to be named, not to be used commercially etc.
  • Additionally, we can include a link to the community consent page in the UNESCO site for heritage elements inscribed by UNESCO. This should be possible based on the data we have. TBC

Including permission templates with the files

  • Displaying link to the UNESCO community consent page of the heritage element it represents.
  • Displaying a note that personality or community rights are involved
  • Displaying any requests that the people / communities have expressed. It can be in the form of Traditional Knowledge Labels.

Further questions

  • Temporary takedowns based on community protocols
  • Working group setting up the practices, based on discussions
  • Wikimedia Commons community involvement

To do
Wiki Loves Living Heritage upload campaign

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