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Commons campaign
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Campaign exists at

Help in MediaWiki:

The needs

Own & third party upload
Own license always CC BY-SA 4.0
This party CC BY-SA 4.0, CC BY 4.0, CC0, but the original license could be anything

Media from Wiki Loves Living Heritage
Inventory Commons category or name to create a new category
Contest, if applicable:
Can be seasonal, set for all entries
Can be list-based: custom lists to be created, passing the variable needs to be made simple... thinking
A pulldown of currently ongoing contests
Category of the heritage element
create one or add to intangible cultural heritage in Country?

Default description and caption with variables, can be replaced by the uploader

SDC statements
Depicts: Element QID

Form, fields
Checkbox "I solemnly swear that I asked the permission"
Permission from the people involved and the community in question

Community consent
The ICHID-based link to community consent around the heritage element

Link"xx"&descriptionlang="xx"&uselang="xx"&description="xx"&lat="xx "&lon="xx"&categories="xx"

I guess we need more, but I need to find the documentation

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