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Request for arwiki to be added to CopyPatrol
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Link to discussion: حقوق النشر.

The tool has already been activated and made available to our community before. However, the community has not been notified back then of its activation. That's the reason why no regular use took place. We'll make sure this miscommunication doesn't recur. Thanks for your consideration.

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Hello {{ping|MusikAnimal}} . A mentioned above, it was activated for Arabic-Wikipedia ([]) two years ago, but the community had not been notified, so no one used it, and this was the reason of deactivating it.

Now, a new discussion in the pump village concluded that it will be helpful for the community to reactivate it. Thanks for you.

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@Dr-Taher @Ahmed_M_Farrag I did ping folks at T271823#6958921 but I realize on-wiki communication would have been better. My apologies! (I also admit I'm not great with wikitext-based discussion on RTL wikis, but that's my fault :)

In short, I wanted to say that back when we disabled Arabic (among a few other languages), it was due to us running dangerously low on credits from our plagiarism detection service, called iThenticate. We had to prioritize the projects that were actively using CopyPatrol. We have since been negotiating with the vendor (T305318). but still haven't gotten the amount of credits we're hoping for. Your request is just the push I need to get that conversation going again!

In the meantime, though, I think we have sufficient credits to re-enable Arabic, provided you all commit to using it :) I'm very confident we can get more credits from iThenticate, but worst comes to worst, every request made for Arabic that goes unaddressed costs the other projects one credit. Hopefully that makes sense. And perhaps this sort of pressure is a good thing, because it could encourage your community to be more active in removing copyright violations.

Anyway, it is much too late here where I live, so I will tend to this tomorrow.

Thank you, @MusikAnimal, for explaining the situation and for considering re-enabling Arabic. It's good to know that negotiations are ongoing with the vendor to secure more credits, and I appreciate your efforts to push for more of them. I also understand the need to prioritize projects based on their usage of CopyPatrol and the available credits.

I'm positive that our community will make good use of the tool, now that we're on the same page. And on our part we apologize for the miscommunication that took place. I relayed your message to our community for them to be posted.

Thank you again for your responsiveness. Have a good rest, and I look forward to hearing back from you :)

I should also note you may have trouble logging in. Just keep trying and eventually it should work. You can follow T332636 and T332650 for updates on that issue.

Thanks for your efforts! This should greatly help our community fight copyvios. And as for logging in, it took me far more attempts than I hoped for, because even after logging in successfully, I would mistakenly click "Logout" 😁 I had to click-and-wait for it to work.