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Out of iThenticate credits
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We are out of iThenticate credits again.

{'uploaded': [], 'status': 500, 'api_status': 500, 'messages': ['No more reports. Please upgrade your account'], 'response_timestamp': <DateTime '20220402T21:10:42' at 154804711908>, 'sid': '1fbef0c742d6a83c8ecd423649ead3ee010a2f17'}

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2022-04-03T03:24:23Z] <JJMC89> disable all plagiabot jobs T305318

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Thanks for investigating this! I did get the email that the feed was down and observed the same error. Thanks also for disabling the cron jobs.

I have filed a support ticket with Turnitin (the organization that offers iThenticate). Hopefully as in the past obtaining more credits is as simple as asking for them. I'll reply here when I know more.

I've also added a notice to the CopyPatrol interface.

Is there any news on this? Thanks.

worst case, would we have to purchase credits from Turnitin?

I still have not heard back from iThenticate support. We're going to try to reach out to them via their sales department instead. Sorry for the long wait!

Also pinging @Doc_James and @Ocaasi in case they still have a contact they can reach out to directly.

Reached out to my collaborators at iThenticate... Will let folks know when I hear back.

While I didn't hear back from iThenticate (not sure if @Doc_James did), they apparently have given us 200,000 credits. I believe that is not very much and will not last very long, so I have only re-enabled the bot for English Wikipedia. We seem to be averaging about 1 upload per minute, which means we have roughly two months worth of credits. With that in mind, I'm not going to re-enable the bot for any other languages yet, since English by far is the biggest user of CopyPatrol. French and Spanish have sufficient usage to be considered "active" but it's unfortunately going to have to wait until we can acquire more credits or we can be reassured about long-term availability of our iThenticate access. Portuguese, Czech, and Turkish will be disabled indefinitely, as going by our stats the service is rarely used by those communities. We simply can't afford the credits when no one is making use of them.

Sorry for the very long wait! And also apologies to users of French and Spanish who will have to wait a bit longer.

Great to hear we received some more credits. Have not heard back from them though.

Hello all. The bot has stopped again, with the last report at 00:28 UTC on May 7. Is it possible we are out of iThenticate credits again? Or is there some other issue? Thanks.

Hello all. The bot has stopped again, with the last report at 00:28 UTC on May 7. Is it possible we are out of iThenticate credits again? Or is there some other issue? Thanks.

It is T307838: plagiabot cannot connect to toolsdb using connect file.

Good news! We have had 1 million credits added. We are still in talks to negotiate a longer-term partnership, so I'm still going to keep this task open. But, for the time being, we should be all set for the next year or so. I have re-enabled the bot for French and Spanish. The other languages as mentioned above (T305318#7861775) have been retired since no one is (or recently was) using them regularly enough to warrant the number of credits consumed.

Hello all, there have been no new reports at CopyPatrol since 23:48 UTC on September 30 (around 15 hours ago). I wonder if we are out of credits, or if there's some other issue? Any help appreciated. Thank you.

Adding: I am also unable to access the iThenticate reports.

A request has gone out for more...

I do not image we will hear anything until Monday at the earliest.

Although the new system is still pending deployment (T333724), I think I can confirm that we are secured as far as credits go, so I'm going to finally resolve this.