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Button to mark a single change as read in the global watch list
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Community Wishlist Survey 2023:,_Watchlists_and_Talk_Pages/Button_to_mark_a_single_change_as_read_in_the_global_watch_list

User story: As a global patroller, I want to mark an individual edit as 'read', so that I can more easily view the edits I'm interested in.

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I can recommend two clicks on unwatch/rewatch.

I can recommend two clicks on unwatch/rewatch.

Can you clarify what you mean? I'm not sure I follow.

Click on "unwatch" button near the edit, removing the page from the watchlist, then click on "rewatch" button at the same spot, it resets the notificationtimestamp to current time, acting as mark this page as read command. The only condition is you should do this only after actual reading of the page's talk page and vice versa, because the double click marks both.

Change 906646 had a related patch set uploaded (by STran; author: STran):

[mediawiki/extensions/GlobalWatchlist@master] Add ability to mark a page as read

Change 906646 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/GlobalWatchlist@master] Add ability to mark a page as read

Tagging User-notice as this is a (completed?) Community-Wishlist-Survey-2023 proposal :-)

Thanks! Yep, this is now completed and will be rolling out this week.

Hi. Tried this. I was a (small) part of the Global Watchlist creation, the rtl in the code is on me. So I wanted to see if there are any problems between these two features. I can say that:
A) It's great, thanks!
B) I can see it's not undoable, once clicking on mark as read, there is no way back. Which is OK, the undoing can be tricky, it took me weeks years ago to make it right in my Watchlist Manager, that adds many features to the regular Watchlist. But maybe something simple can be done instead. For example, instead of disappearing, all the lines will change disaign - blue background, underscore, anything, so if anyone clicked on the wrong place, a millimeter of wanted, they can still see the already marked page data, to open it if they want. A button "make all marked disappear" near all the other buttons at the top of the list can be done in seconds. Please consider this.
Thanks again.