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List at Special:EditWatchlist/raw is empty but content can be seen in HTML source
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Screenshot of the problem

I opened [[Special:EditWatchlist/raw]] in Firefox 9.0a2 as well as Chrome 16. The contents appear for a millisecond and then the form is empty. The entries are still in the HTML source though.


Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal


TGkKURclNRx23Ye-Bereich[1].png (758×1 px, 79 KB)



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Note that some current browsers like to be aggressive about saving form data state across reloads, quit/reopen, etc.

So if you blanked the contents (deliberately or perhaps accidentally), then hit 'reload', it'll keep showing you empty. Does it still do this when navigating to the page fresh?

If it does still happen, do you have any custom user javascript or gadgets enabled that might interfere? Or any browser extensions?

I notice there's a *lot* of things loaded from

Yes, it does, in two different browsers, so I can rule out browser extensions as well. It is probably a script/gadget though, since manually adding the list to my alternative account fails to reproduce the error. Strange though since it worked until 1.17.

I assume you mean “until 1.18 was deployed”?

Couldn't be reproduced by the reporter, anyone else at [[Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)#Another_bug_with_Special:EditWatchlist.2Fraw]] or myself (Firefox 7.0.1 or Chromium 14.0.835.202): marking INVALID, reopen if necessary.