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toolbar and header/footer from proofread page on wikisource
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Author: enomil

Toolbar can't be used in the header and footer editform from proofread page extension. The most big wikisources uses this extension, so add #wpHeaderTextbox and #wpFooterTextbox to mediawiki.action.edit.js.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal



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enomil wrote:

*** Bug 31606 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

I suggest we add:

".wpEdittoolsText" to the focus policy of mediawiki.action.edit.js.

Then we can add the class wpEdittoolsText to the header and footer fields of ProofreadPage, and to something like the old upload wizard of Commons (bug 31682) and any other field that wants to make use of the editor.

Come to think of it. Only partially solved. The WikiEditor toolbar does not yet have a method of inserting characters into the Header/Footer yet, so this probably needs some additional work.

But at least the Extension:CharInsert icw MediaWiki:Edittools now works again.

If possible, I'd like that toolbar/toolbox tool would act into any box selected with a $( document.activeElement ) selection. I'll try to add this selection into my own scripts; it would be very useful to manage both nsPage header-body-footer and multi-field forms too. I'm not so experienced with jQuery, and I can't understand difference between that selector and a :focus selector.