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Allow wikis to exclude entire namespaces from Lint checks
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Feature summary (what you would like to be able to do and where):

Prompted by comments here -,_and_the_over-intervention

Indvidual wikis should have the option to exclude specific namespaces (such as User:) , pattern of pages (such as /Archives) or content models ( such as css, Lua or javascript) from linter checks essentially designed to check for errors in "wikitext" content.

Currently on English Wikisource, the missing-end tag category for example lists around 60,000 missing end tags, However of those only about 9-10000 are an actual (albiet lowered) priority, If page quality level is considered then the number of pages that actually need priority is only about 2-3000 a considerably lower number. Those 2-3000 pages get lost in the noise.

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):

*Allows contributor effort to be placed into 'content' pages , which are most likely to be as opposed to archived talk pages which are seldom read.

  • Allows contributors to more quickly find pages with signifcant errors, amongst the background noise of all pages.
  • Reduced server load if only certain pages are re-linted on changes.

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The whole point of Linter tracking is that on some point, your wikitext might not work or will get broken, so I don’t think this should be a possibility. Unless you are talking about inactive users’ pages, in which case they should probably get routinely deleted from the website anyway (since Lint errors are not the only problem that can happen on the websites).

You already have a filter for namespace in the UI. That seems sufficient to enable "working only on what needs working". T231161: Add in/not in content namespace to Special:Linterrors is another open task.

Regarding content models, there are some specific requests already available; if you think a content model shouldn't be linted, I would recommend filing a task for that specific content model, T284995: Exclude Scribunto content model pages from Linter for example.

Pppery renamed this task from Allow wikis to exclude entire namespaces from Lint checks.. to Allow wikis to exclude entire namespaces from Lint checks.May 4 2023, 2:38 AM

Closing in favor of T231161.