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Add in/not in content namespace to Special:Linterrors
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Per comment at T172703#5430188, since Danny looks to be taking care of that ticket.

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Izno created this task.Aug 25 2019, 12:55 PM
Izno added a comment.Jun 19 2020, 6:52 PM

The other way this could be fixed is by using a similar UI as Special:Search or Special:Watchlist, which allows selection of arbitrary namespaces.

Or implement tracking categories, as has been suggested for years. I don't know why we have these Special pages that make it harder to see and count the errors. The "edit" links are handy, but that's about it; LintHint provides those for pages anyway.

I'd like to able to do a "prefix" filter as well. On Wikisource, goups of Lint errors typically need to be fixed across a number of Page: for a given Index: and at present the Special:LintErrors page doesn't let me do that level of search "granularity".