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Create autoreview-based protection level in Russian Wikipedia
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Russian Wikipedia community has reached a consensus to replace its abuse filter for protecting certain pages up to editors with autoreview rights with a MediaWiki-based protection level. If it is possible, it should be called something like extendedconfirmed in the software for compatibility reasons, since the community can decide at a later date to make it separate from autoreview user group. It should be granted to all groups that currently have autoreview user right in Russian Wikipedia (autoreview, editor, bot, sysop)

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It may be included to engineer group as well, which doesn't include autoreview permission but allows to edit sysop-protected pages (editprotected).

Well, no engineer doesn’t have autoreview group anyway, so that is kind of moot. But yeah, I guess that could be done since they are part of fullprotected protection level.

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It's easy, we already have "editautoreviewprotected" (which is used for groups which have this flag and not only for the autoreview usergroup), we shouldn't call it extendedconfirmed :) I'll do this!

Choosing a name that is not bound to autoreview permissions is so that the community can change its criteria at a later date and in the interface it is not referred to as ‘autoreview protection’ after that. That’s why I suggested extendedconfirmed as an internal name.

Yep, I understand. We also have in a lot of project "editautopatrolprotected", but it's not bound to AP usergroup. In case, we can add extendedconfirmed protection in the future, but imho we should use it only when the extendedconfirmed group exists (otherwise it could create some confusion, and currently the project doesn't need an exclusive protection to autoreview)! Also, if in the future you will add extendedconfirmed usergroup, well, it's a bit confusing! So, for now, imho it's logical and also better to add "editautoreviewprotected" :)

I was meaning that this protection level could, in the future, change its privileged users, so that’s why it can be confusing to name it anything related to autoreview. Since there isn’t a better name, I proposed just tying it to extendedconfirmed. But maybe that’s not a huge concern. (Read your comment once more: no, ruWP community will not add an additional level of protection on top of this one, I am pretty sure of that. They would just duplicate each other in this case.)

Change 926632 had a related patch set uploaded (by Superpes15; author: Superpes15):

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] [ruwiki] Add an editautoreviewprotected level protecion

Ruwiki community has decided to create a new protection level for autoreviewers, not to create an extendedconfirmed group. stjn's proposals here are some kind of POV-pushing to try to create an extendedconfirmed group in ruwiki in the future, no need to condone these attempts.

@MBH see so you do not get sanctioned for making uncivil comments (‘POV-pushing’) on this platform

The reason why I’ve asked for this right to not be tied to autoreview in its name is because many people in discussions over at ruWP said that they are not comfortable with tying this to a user group, and this would’ve left a possibility to untie it from the autoreview user group in a more graceful way. But it would not prevent anything like that, so that’s why I said above that it is not a huge concern.

Yep, agree, there is no reason to use these tones and assume bad faith here. Stjn's request makes sense, but it is much more logical, given that protection currently concerns groups with autoreview, to create the editautoreviewprotected level. If there is any change in the future, we will fix it. Thanks!
P.S. Sorry for the delay, but I've been busy in these days, I scheduled the patch deployment in a few minutes.

Change 926632 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] [ruwiki] Add an editautoreviewprotected level protecion

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2023-06-08T08:31:51Z] <ariel@deploy1002> ariel and superpes: Backport for [[gerrit:926632|[ruwiki] Add an editautoreviewprotected level protecion (T337430)]] synced to the testservers: mwdebug1002.eqiad.wmnet, mwdebug2002.codfw.wmnet, mwdebug2001.codfw.wmnet, mwdebug1001.eqiad.wmnet

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