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Only able to publish Implementation when following specific steps
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Jun 2 2023, 8:57 AM
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Refer to
  2. Copy the implementation from the following: (implementation via composition for Boolean equality or Z844 )
  3. image.png (922×994 px, 61 KB)
  4. You may not able to publish it
  5. when filling up the fields if you first toggle type in then or else block and then change the Reference to Argument reference, you won't able to publish it
  6. image.png (146×465 px, 5 KB)
    image.png (277×375 px, 12 KB)
  7. However if you first (before toggling the type) fill the Boolean or any other type in the type input field and then change the Boolean to Argument reference you will be able to publish it
  8. image.png (211×831 px, 9 KB)
    image.png (261×310 px, 9 KB)

Completion checklist

Event Timeline renamed this task from <Component>: <Short one-liner describing the problem> to Only able to publish Implementation when following specific steps.Jun 2 2023, 8:57 AM created this task.

This is not supposed to work (so it fails correctly). You are changing the type of the "Then" argument to your first reference. Given that this is not a type, this should fail.

Agreed that we might get into a weird state here that is hard to understand, but I am curious, why did you click on the > next to Type in the first place? I am not sure what you were trying to achieve.

Would you either be available for a one on one session, or would you do a recording while you think loud, when you do the edits that got you in the weird state?

  1. You are right, I may be trying to achieve something for which it should fails. I think we can then closed this task.
  2. By the way what I am trying to achieve is: Create a implementation via composition for Boolean Equality
  3. arg1 and arg2 are boolean. Following is the pseudo code:
if arg1:
    return arg2
    if arg2:
        return false
        return true