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Requesting wordmark logo change for
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Hello, our community in 2012 had agreed to change the site name from Wikibooks to Wikibuku (T38156 and T36043). But when the new skins came out that requires a separate wordmark logo/file was launched, we were never consulted to create a wordmark logo, and last time i checked, our site was using Vietnamese wordmark logo instead:

Therefore, I request that the logo is changed to our correct wordmark, which is Wikibuku

Thank you

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I think local discussion is essential for changing the logo of one site, though the logo is somehow clearly wrong.

Hi @Bennylin - it looks like Wikibuku is being used on all skins. What is the exact problem here?

Bennylin closed this task as Resolved.EditedJul 12 2023, 5:50 PM
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Thanks. The change happened after I submitted my ticket (between 7-12 July). It was still Wikibooks when I created the ticket.