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Release 7.4.1
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Release version:7.4.1
Release tag: releases/7/4/1
Release SHA1: a325ec7bd45f2bdbd300f0a01c1744a21513880d
App Store Submission Date: 08/10/2023
App Store Approval Date: 08/10/2023
App Store Release Date: 08/11/2023
Regression Testing URL:

Note: This release is being created to fix the App Store release notes


  • Submit "What’s New" on iTunes Connect for translation
  • Submit Beta on iTunes Connect for external testing review, and verify distribution
  • File subtask for smoke tests and notify TSG with RC build number
  • Review Regression testing report, triage bugs, and identify any blockers

Day of submit:

  • Submit RC on iTunes Connect for App Store review with automatic release disabled.
  • Install previous (active) App Store version, then update to release candidate via TestFlight and verify app load
  • Release to App Store (NOT on a Friday!)