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Generate design options for new default
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In parallel with T344443, generate designs based on best practices with internal WMF teams

  • One design for each proposed best practice from the research
  • Many versions based on WMF design preferences
  • Review designs at internal design reviews

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Jdlrobson set the point value for this task to 0.Oct 10 2023, 5:29 PM

Based on the analysis of community prototypes documented here, and academic research on readability documented here let's propose the following for our new type size options.

Paragraph margins should be equal to font-size.


Preserve current default as a new "compact" option with new paragraph margins:

  • Font-size: 14px
  • Line-height: 22px
  • Paragraph margins: 14

New default

  • Font-size: 16px
  • Line-height: 24px
  • Paragraph margins: 16

Large-text reading format intended as an accessibility affordance

  • Font-size: 20px
  • Line-height: 26px
  • Paragraph margins: 20
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I assume we need a task for implementing this @ovasileva @Jdrewniak ?