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Configure QuickSurvey messages and translations for 2023 Readers Survey
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To make sure our Readers survey QuickSurvey opt-in is functioning for each wiki we're deploying on, we'll need to make the corresponding MediaWiki pages on each wiki and input the translations (for the yes and no buttons, we'll need to check the translations on translatewiki)

This includes:

Each wiki's set of tasks is being tracked here.

Once every wiki has their tasks complete in the spreadsheet, we can transfer the table to here for reference and close this task.

Event Timeline

Updated with all existing translations, see doc for comments; awaiting HU translation, as well as FA, ZH-S, NL from Qualtrics.

We are still missing the short QuickSurvey privacy statement for all translations:

Survey data handled by a third party. Privacy policy.

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