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Need temporary empty file at site root for Yahoo BOSS authorization
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Hey gang.

I'm setting up Yahoo BOSS for use by the copyright violation search bots with the blessings and dime of the WMF and I need an empty file to be visible at the site root during the process. The exact filename is a hash that may or may not contain authentication data and probably shouldn't be in the bug report in clear.

I'm going to poke Erik or Dana to comment on this bug to confirm said blessing.

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Tweaking component and adding +shell.

(Also, if you're concerned about disclosing something on a bug, you can make your comment "private" via a checkbox right above the field and it will only be viewable by BZ admins)

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I get frequent questions related to Yahoo BOSS!, but it seems the only "documentation" for this was a line in the server admin log; I added something at