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Community configuration 2.0: Create an example client extension
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To better illustrate how Community configuration 2.0 should work like, we should provide an example client, which would show the technical community how would interaction between an extension/configuration client and CC2.0 itself work like. This can be done by either:

  1. changing GrowthExperiments to use CC2.0 in a proof of concept patch, and use that as an example,
  2. creating a new extension solely for this purpose.

@Sgs and @Urbanecm_WMF discussed those two approaches and decided to go with option (2), because GrowthExperiments uses community configuration in a lot of places, migrating all of them would take a lot of effort and having some places migrated and others not might confuse people. A dedicated extension can be simple, have only a couple of lines and thus be easy to understand.

Let's upload the result under