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Load Wikidata split graphs into test servers
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To enable testing, we need the split graph to be loaded into test servers. See parent task for details.


  • split graphs (scholarly articles AND Wikidata core graph) are loaded into test servers

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Gehel triaged this task as High priority.Nov 3 2023, 10:26 AM
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@Gehel Is this a duplicate of T347504?

No, it's not. T347504 is about loading the full data set, T350465 is about loading the split data.


  • wdqs1024 (wikidata main): 6.6B triples loaded, processing chunk 885/1023
  • wdqs1023 (scholarly articles): 6.3B triples loaded, processing chunk 851/1023

Load seems to have completed:

  • wdqs1023: 7.6B triples, load time: 5d,21h
  • wdqs1024: 7.6B triples, load time: 6d,21h

At a glance the number of triples look sane and the blazegraph logs don't show anything suspect, for extra safety we might have to run a couple queries before calling this a success.

Numbers look correct:

hostgraph# entities# triples
wdqs1023scholarly articles41,333,8757,643,858,078
wdqs1024wikidata main70,181,0057,676,622,674