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QA User Preferences Selection Panel Instrumentation
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We need to verify click tracking instrumentation for the user preferences panel, specifically for a dropdown and a sidebar.

Ensure that the user's privacy and data security are maintained in accordance with WMF data handling policies and regulations.

Note: This is different from QA WebUIScroll and *webUIActions schema port to the new metrics platform. We want to focus on how the new fields look

QA Instructions

  1. Query DesktopWebUIActions and mediawiki_web_ui_actions tables
  2. Ensure the following events are present in database:
ActionEvent was
ClickUser chooses Column Width Standardvector-client-pref-vector-feature-limited-width-value-1
ClickUser chooses Column Width Widevector-client-pref-vector-feature-limited-width-value-0
ClickUser chooses Font Size Smallvector-client-pref-vector-feature-custom-font-size-value-0
ClickUser chooses Font Size Standardvector-client-pref-vector-feature-custom-font-size-value-1
ClickUser chooses Font Size Largevector-client-pref-vector-feature-custom-font-size-value-2
ClickUser chooses Font Size X-Largevector-client-pref-vector-feature-custom-font-size-value-3

Additional Questions for Analyst

  1. How do the events in the table above differ based on whether it's from the new mediawiki_web_ui_actions through Metrics Platform vs. our current DesktopWebUIActions instrument?
  2. Do you see any problems or obstacles to data collection with the new MP table?
  3. Do you see any room for improvement in the new schema naming and structure?

Event Timeline

Could we fold this into acceptance criteria in T350195 and T350417? (I am already doing this as part of my task)

Provided we add data-event-name fields we can record all clicks to interactions in our new preferences panel using the existing click tracking schemas.

Jdlrobson renamed this task from User Preferences Selection Panel Instrumentation to QA User Preferences Selection Panel Instrumentation.Nov 8 2023, 9:26 PM
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Summary of data QA for the data collected on Dec 14, 2023

Schema: event.desktopwebuiactionstracking

What has been checkedField nameStatusNotesnapshot of the result
User chooses Font✅ PassNo events for user choosing Font Size X-Large (font-size-value-3) yet.
image.png (286×1 px, 62 KB)
User chooses Column✅Pass
image.png (242×1 px, 47 KB)
By wikiwiki✅PassSchema has captured events from 45 wikis.
By skin✅PassOnly captured events in vector-2022 skin
By user typeevent.isAnon✅PassOnly captured events from logged-in user. Confirmed with the engineer that it's expected.
By datedt✅PassEvents started becoming available around Dec 6, 2023
image.png (1×1 px, 204 KB)
image.png (1×1 px, 167 KB)
Next step
  • QA events in new schema desktopwebuiactionstracking on metric platform after the data is ready.

@jwang we dropped the X-Large option from the final release so there is not font-size-value-3 event.

ovasileva added a subscriber: ovasileva.

All done, thank you @jwang!