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Visual Editor: select word with keyboard and overwrite doesn't work as expected
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Selecting text via the keyboard and overwriting it doesn't work as expected in Safari 5.1.2 / FF 8.0.1 - Mac OS 10.6.8.

If I double-click a word and overwrite it everything works fine. The same doesn't happen if I select words via the keyboard.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Move the cursor to the end of the word "Interface" (after the "e") in the first headline of:
  2. Backward-select the word "Interface" character by character using the shift+left arrow OR select the entire word using option+shift+left arrow
  3. Overwrite the selection by retyping the word "Interface"
  4. an "e" appears from nowhere resulting in "Ienterface"
  5. if you try the same select & overwrite trick with the word "interfaces" in the second headline of the SandBox an "s" appears ("isnterface")

This suggests that the last character of the selected word gets somehow inserted after the first character when you overwrite the whole word.

I can show you in 30 sec how to reproduce it if the above description is confusing.

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I can verify that I've seen this as well.

It's as though the last character isn't highlighted at all. Copy-pasting the word results in "interfac".

Fixed in new version of VE through using native implementation.

Mass-moving old VisualEditor tickets to the VE product. Search for this message to mass-delete bugmail.

Noting bugs closed in the 2012-10-15 release.