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VisualEditor: Clicking bold, italic, etc. should set state for newly entered text when no selection
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  1. Clicking a button like bold/italic should set it's state to ON.
  2. Clicking a button again should turn it's state to OFF.
  3. I would expect basically the same behavior of buttons when using shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+B).

Currently clicking a button is different then using a shortcut - with shortcut you triggers ON state, clicking only works for the selected text. This is behavior I observed both in latest Opera and Chrome.

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Severity: enhancement



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This is supposed to be supported actually, there was a regression at some point.

According to

this seems to be still happening:

When trying to use bold and italics I run into some problems. You should be able to click bold, then type your content then unclick bold. That doesn't work, you need to highlight information and then click bold and somehow choose it from a little menu that appears under the highlighted text. The same thing happens with italics. Integration with ctrl codes would be useful. Ctrl+b for bold ctrl+i for italics.

Confirmed still an issue with current version.

Mass-moving items into VisualEditor product

Mass-move out of "General" to "ContentEditable".

Re-determining as an enhancement rather than a bug (for product flow purposes; we're still going to get to this).

It used to work well in previous release (December 2011), I'm going to handle it in exactly same way - which is creating insertionAnnotations stack.
@James: Can you re-assign to me?