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mediawiki.Title.js should normalize titles the same way Title.php does
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Currently there are some differences between the normalizations in Title.js and Title.php:

  • Invalid characters: Title.js replaces [, ], and other invalid characters with _.
  • Unicode control characters: Title.php removes some control characters, while Title.js leaves them in or replaces them with _.
  • Whitespace normalization: Title.php normalizes a huge variety of whitespace (notably NBSP), while Title.js only treats _ the same as a blank.
  • HTML entities: Title.php replaces HTML entities with the corresponding character.
  • URL encoding: At some point %-encoded characters are resolved in PHP, at least they are possible in wikilinks.

mediawiki.Title.js should aim for consistency with the PHP version.

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: normal
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API has some normalisation problems too.