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Review the ISA manual on Commons
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  • Revisit, update, improve, add user cases...
  • Add some screenshots of the tool
  • Add a 3-5 mn video to introduce the tool (the creation of the video is proposed in another task. It is not part of THIS task)
  • add a Questions and Answers area
  • anything that can be helpful

When finished, add translation tags to the text

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Umar2z changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Jan 21 2024, 5:27 AM

Despite facing challenges, the team of five members completed the assigned task. Overcoming obstacles such as limited active participation and initial difficulties with adding translation tags, the group demonstrated resilience and effective collaboration. Seamless communication channels were established beyond Telegram, contributing to the overall success of the project. Florence's valuable support played a crucial role in guiding the team through the challenges. In the end, the team's collective effort and determination resulted in the successful accomplishment of the task.

Revisit, update, improve, add user cases. ✅
Add some screenshots of the tool ✅
add a Questions and Answers area ✅
Translation Tags ✅

Anything that can be helpful: we added  relevant link resources, link to other relevant wiki pages to provide further background information and also Include a "How to Get Involved" section with information on how readers can participate