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Page deletions and blocks aren't showing up on watchlists on enwiktionary
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On the English Wiktionary, page deletions and blocks aren't showing up on watchlists.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal
See Also: T28549



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vivekee047 wrote:

Can you please be more elaborate :)


(In reply to comment #1)

Can you please be more elaborate :)


Um, okay...

Ordinarily, on Wikimedia wikis, watchlists (the page at Special:Watchlist) display lists of recent modifications to "watched" pages, including edits, moves, deletions, and blocks to the user associated with a watched user page. On the English Wiktionary project (, deletions of watched pages and blocks of watched users are not resulting in an item being displayed on one's watchlist. This did not used to be the case. Other elements of watchlists are still functioning correctly, afaik.

Hmmmmmmm. Is this still happening? Is it happening for all users or just certain users?

I'm having a related issue right now where blocks aren't showing up on my watchlist, but I'm fairly sure it's due to the users not having a user page when I blocked them.

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This is also happening on hu.wikipedia, see bug 26549.

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Can't reproduce any more:

  1. go to
  2. find a blue page name, click on it
  3. add page to watchlist
  4. go to

The watchlist will contain deletion log entries.

Assuming this got fixed at some point.