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Make InlineComments sidebar creation more skin-neutral
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Currently, to create the "sidebar" in which comments are displayed, InlineComments has a default CSS file, but also custom CSS files for Vector, Vector 2022 and a few other skins. I don't know how well the default CSS works across all the unhandled skins - my guess is that there are problems. Ideally, there could be JavaScript and/or CSS that applies settings in a smart way, based on the current widths of the different page elements, so that it can work well across all skins - or at least, as many skins as possible.

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@Solaris22 - just to clarify, this is not a microtask, it's a major task; but if you want to try doing it, feel free!

I was thinking of using a single CSS file instead of having separate CSS files for different skins, can we create a single CSS file that includes styles that work well across all skins.
All common styles used across different CSS files and consolidate them into a single file.
Would this approach work?

I hope it can be done with a single file, yes.