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[meetup] Wikibase Suite Update Party
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Date: tbd (after T358287)

Host: @darthmon_wmde , @adee_wmde , @RickiJay-WMDE , @lojo_wmde , @roti_WMDE

Session type: Meetup, Pair Programming with Wikibase Suite devs, Discussion, Q/A

Session Details

In this session we would love to have volunteers to update Wikibase Suite on their own - they have previously installed an older version of Wikibase Suite. The Wikibase Suite engineering team will be there to support if needed/desired.

We want to get the insights, remarks and feedback of these volunteers. We want to create a conversation around what we need to improve in the update path.


  • Attendees need to have installed an older version of Wikibase Suite, either on their own or during the Wikibase Suite Install Party (T358287) .
  • Attendees need to have a laptop.

Target audience: Anyone interested in trying Wikibase Suite.

Event Timeline

Hello! 👋 The 2024 Hackathon Program is now open for scheduling! If you are still interested in organizing a session, you can claim a slot on a first-come, first-serve basis by adding your session to the daily program, following these instructions. We look forward to hearing your presentation!

Hello @darthmon_wmde can you put your task information in the format specified here, please?