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TableFixups: reparse failures


[error/wt2html] TableFixups: Failed to successfully reparse  title="{{{drużyna3}}}-{{{drużyna2}}}" | as table cell attributes


Request URL

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The plwiki URL is a template page and is a mess that Parsoid doesn't know how to render properly ... I consider that an edge case. The use of the template itself on article pages seems to render fine. So, for now, ignoring that page.

Other urls triggering this in the last 3 weeks:

  • /w/rest.php/
  • /w/rest.php/

/w/rest.php/ shows that the markup is broken.

/w/rest.php/ also shows that the markup is similarly broken as on the idwiki page.

The better fix in both these cases is to fix the wikitext on the page.

Looks like I previously created this sandbox page on ruwiki for testing / possible fixing, but at this time I am inclined to leave these cases as wont-fix.

If I exclude all these titles from the logstash filter, in the last month, there are no other pages that emit this warning. So, I am inclined to leave this as a low-priority task as a possible wont-fix. Given the low rate of errors, I am also inclined to not bother trying to figure how to selectively suppress these errors.