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Uploading file with category in description does not put file in category (templated or otherwise)
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  1. The description of a file when uploaded gets put as the file's page.
  2. If you edit an uploaded file's page to put a category tag into it, then that

file is placed into the appropriate category. Similarly, if you put a template
that includes a category tag into a page then the page gets put into the category.

The above both work separately. However, it seems that the "should this page be
in a category?" checks are not run on the initial description provided when
uploading a file.

I want to use this template to avoid having to fill out any more details on a file:
Name: Template:Ingame image:
Content: [[Category:Ingame images]][[:Category:Ingame images|Ingame image]]: {{{1}}}
Use: {{ingame image|[[Creatures 3]] [[Rainbow Sharkling]]}}

If you upload a file with this template then if you look at the resulting page,
everything seems correct. However if you click the category link you find that
it is not present on the category page.

Placing the category separately in the description (without the template)
appears not to work either. I tried changing it to use this description:
[[Category:Ingame images]][[:Category:Ingame images|Ingame image]]: [[Creatures
3]] [[Rainbow Sharkling]]
and I got the same results as above - the file page is correct, but it only
places it into the category if you edit the page and save it (without making

Compounding the problem is that it '''looks''' like it has done it because the
category is displayed at the bottom of the file's page. The only way to see that
it has ''not'' gone into the category is to look at the category page itself.

Version: 1.4.x
Severity: normal


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