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Requesting GitLab account activation for Yug
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GitLab account activation

To activate your account, please sign into GitLab and then answer the following questions:

GitLab Admin checklist

This section is to be completed by a GitLab administrator.

  • - User has provided the following: developer account username and reasoning for access
  • - User has an existing developer account, and has used it to log in to GitLab

If any of the following criteria are met, user should be approved immediately:

  • - User is known to the admin
  • - User is vouched for by a known contributor
  • - User has a history of contributions on Gerrit, Phabricator, on-wiki, etc.
  • - User is a member of a movement organization

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Anoop renamed this task from Requesting GitLab account activation for USER[S] to Requesting GitLab account activation for Yug.Mar 15 2024, 1:00 AM
Peachey88 subscribed.

Your account is now active, As you are a member of Trusted-Contributors in Phabricator it was probably automatically granted by the bot.