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[Session] Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki
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Date: tbd (Friday?)

Host: @Krabina

Categories/Keywords: Semantic MediaWiki, Wikibase

Session type: Short presentation (including Q/A)
Session Details

An introduction to Semantic MediaWiki.

Requirements: No preparations required.

Target audience: Anyone interested in general. Anyone interested in managing data within MediaWiki and building knowledge bases.

What will participants get out of this session? Attendees get an overview of Semantic MediaWiki: What are strength and weaknesses, how it compares to other approaches (Wikibase, Cargo) and how they can join the community.

Notes from the session:

Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki

Date and time:
May 3rd, 2024 @ 11:00 am

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User:Valerio Bozzolan


Introduction about what is the Semantic MediaWiki:

Krabina is an active member of the Semantic MediaWiki community ~ 15 years

1: Structured data in MediaWiki
2: What is Semantic MediaWiki
3: Hacking and event announcement

1: Structured data in MediaWiki

Ontology is the art of describing things in real life. MediaWiki alone does not allow to describe this indeed.

Categories example:

DBpedia: Extracting graph from wikipedia and make info available
Wikidata: source of information for Wikimedia Projects. The wikitext pages are not source of information.
MediaWiki + SemanticWIki: no backend, store and query data, can define structured data: result lists and formats via {{#ask:}} queries

  1. A table listing 10 random animals inhabiting savannah.




  1. A bulleted list of wild animals sorted alphabetically.

[[Is domestic::No]]



  1. A simple Dolphins’ diet name.

{{#show: Dolphin |?Diet}}

other Extensions:
new visualisations, SPARQL, responsive skins, data entry onlne forms, image annotations

The power of knowledge graphs:
Query for Austrian artists can retrieve Hedy Lamarr even when this is not tagged on her page.

Managing data in MediaWiki:
Semantic: Properties annotated with Wikitext or templates. "reference" can be used to describe items w/ statements
Wikibase: technology/code behind Wikidata
Cargo: relational tables, each represents a template
VIsualData : JSON content model

Diff between SMW and Wikibase?

  • SPARQL in both w/ external triplestore Wikibase: datamodel is tied to Wikidata, P's must be pre-defined and cannot be changed later. no built-in querying of data SMW: datamdel is flexible, properties & datatypes can be changed on the fly. Internal Query language is easier to pick up than SPARQL's technical barrier to entry.

2: What is Semantic MediaWiki

open source project: – –
built on the MediaWiki ecosystem: the wiki engine that powers Wikipedia

Building your Knowledge Base
Using External Vocabularies
e.g.: {{#set:Imported from=schema:geo}}
Linking to external identifiers:
e.g.: {{#set:Has type=External identifier |External formatter uri=$1}}
Internal query language
e.g.: {{#ask: [[Category:Practices]] [[Country::Austria]] |?Organisation |?Coordinates |format=table }}

70+ Result formats: timelines, median, GANTT etc.

3: Hacking and event announcement
Get involved in the SMW community:
Join our Github account:
Join mailing lists:
Element/Matric/Telegram chat
Social Media channels (Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube)

Write me: ▪ or ▪
Help us with testing, documentation, i18n, programming, reviewing PRs
Empowering Knowledge Worker
Nov 4-6, 2024 @ Vienna Austria
-> Add to the Wikidata Weekly Summary:

KnowledgeGraph extension (
-> Announce to the Wikidata Summary:
"Smart Comments" extension


Q: How to find bernhard krabina
I'l be in room Las Vegas



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Hello! 👋 The 2024 Hackathon Program is now open for scheduling! If you are still interested in organizing a session, you can claim a slot on a first-come, first-serve basis by adding your session to the daily program, following these instructions. We look forward to hearing your presentation!

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I missed the introduction. Is It stored somewhere to watch it, maybe on Youtube?

It was not recorded. See me tomorrow (Sunday) morning in the Las Vegas room (will be gone after lunch).

Thanks again for the talk :) As promised, here some pictures:

If somebody here is an expert in post-production with GIMP and can help with the colors/brightness/stuff is very welcome :D I've done my best but some extra help would be super-appreciated.