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Grammar and semantics need to be specified
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So that it isn't lost in bug 17465, comment 3 and 4, the grammar and semantics of the <math> tag need to be specified. At the moment, the grammar is somehow defined by texvc, while the semantics differ between TeX source, TeX source as generated by texvc, (still) HTML as generated by texvc and rendering by MathJax.

Personally, I'd opt for TeX as it's stable -- Knuth has made a point of not changing TeX's behaviour so that authors can rely on it.  Renderings that differ from TeX's interpretation of input should be considered bugs to be fixed.

Note that this doesn't mean that we have to specify TeX's behaviour.

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@Physikerwelt: You've done a lot of work for the Math extension in the mean time; has this problem been formally resolved since?

yes. Mainly. The grammar of texvc has now been described indepentently from its implementation and is now translated to standard tex which is used as input to the renderer. However, currently it's not possible to customize the grammer i.e. the whitelisted commands for each individual wiki

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