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Ensure that WDQS query throttling does not interfere with federation
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When we exposed the 3 experimental endpoints to test the first version of the graph split we disabled query throttling to avoid impacting the various analyses we had to run to evaluate the impact of the split.
We then realized while analyzing what happens when federated queries are running that this throttling mechanism might have a negative impact by having wdqs nodes throttling each other.

This ticket is about finding a plan to ensure that query throttling does not interfere with federation.

A simple approach would be that the wdqs machine receiving the traffic is going to be responsible for throttling the client, subsequent queries made internally as part of federation would be un-throttled. Nodes serving federated results to other nodes should still remain protected by the frontend node answering to the client.

To achieve this we need to detect when a query is emitted from another query service and craft a header at the nginx level to inform the throttling servlet that it should not be activated.
Such headers exist but sadly the throttling filter does re-use the existing X-BIGDATA-READ-ONLY which is having another purpose so cannot be re-used in our context (it would be too dangerous).

One approach could be to use a new header X-Disable-Throttling dedicated for this purpose the nginx settings would have to be adapted to set X-Disable-Throttling when the query is emitted from from another blazegraph node. Unfortunately this might start to throttle local requests made directly on the blazegraph port (updates) which would then be prone to throttling and would have to be adapted to set this header (streaming-updater-consumer, data import scripts).

Another approach is to adapt the throttling servlet and change how it's configured adding a new config disable-throttling-if-header such that a request with:

  • X-BIGDATA-READ-ONLY: 1 and X-Disable-Throttling: true would disable throttling
  • X-BIGDATA-READ-ONLY: 1 only would enable throttling
  • a request without any these headers would not enable throttling


  • decide on the approach
  • blazegraph does not throttle itself when running federated queries

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