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Implement "Project" section
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  • User story**

As someone submitting a wish, I should share which project I am referencing, so that my wishes can be easier categorized and grouped for focus area creation.

Acceptance criteria

  • Implement the "Project" section according to the designs
  • Users should be able to click anywhere on a card and select or de-select a project
  • Clicking "All projects" should expand the the accordion and select all projects
    • Deselecting "All projects" should do the inverse
    • Manually selecting each project should tick "All projects", as one would expect.
  • Enabling the dialog "it's something else" should unfurl a text area for users to submit text. A valid response, when this is selected, should have 3+ characters in the text area.
  • A user may select "it's something else _and_ a card


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Project section, recreate MR 30repos/commtech/wishlist-intake!42samtarT362275-3main
Draft: Implement "Project" section, againrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!30samtarT362275-2main
Draft: [WIP]: Implement "Project" sectionrepos/commtech/wishlist-intake!8samtarT362275main
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nb. using checkboxes instead of cards + checkboxes for drafting up this section

@TheresNoTime it looks like this is in patch for review, can you update the column to be in review or in QA?

If we can get !42 merged, I'll follow-up the outstanding things (the rebases will be easier once this baseline is merged, I hope)