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Quibble CI fails with MediaWiki\Skins\Vector\Tests\Structure\PerformanceBudgetTest::testTotalModulesSize with data set "vector-2022"
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As seen on

13:42:08 1) MediaWiki\Skins\Vector\Tests\Structure\PerformanceBudgetTest::testTotalModulesSize with data set "vector-2022" ('vector-2022', array('50KB', '21KB'))
13:42:08 T346813: Performance budget for styles in skin vector-2022 on main article namespace has been exceeded. Total size of styles modules is 22.1 Kbs is greater than the current budget size of 22 Kbs (see Vector/bundlesize.config.json).
13:42:08 If you are adding code on page load, please reduce styles that you are loading on page load or talk to the web team about increasing the budget.
13:42:08 If you are not adding code, and this seems to be an error, it is possible that something running without CI has bypassed this check and we can address this separately.Please reach out to the web team to discuss this via Phabricator or #talk-to-web.[PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS TEST. If this is blocking a deploy this might signal a potential performance regression with the desktop site.Instead of skipping the test you can increase the value in bundlesize.config.json and create a ticket to investigate this error. If the error is > 1kb please tag this as a train blocker.Please tag the ticket #Web-Team-Backlog.

T346813: Vector performance budget's should consider modules added by hooks

Can be tested with

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This is blocking merges to Quibble, so marking as UBN.

One thing to check, is that the list of extension dependencies is up to date with what we are using in CI nowadays. Presumably it differs, which is why we see the failure in Quibble's CI but not in MediaWiki's CI.

Sorry we will get this fixed today. We thlught we had fixed this yesterday.

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