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Change Spanish formatnum behavior
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Author: bachinchi

According to the Manual of Style, the numbers should be separated by spaces (non-breaking spaces). The comma and dot can be used as decimal separators.

We request to change the current behavior to match the one of fr.wikipedia with the difference the dot should be accepted as decimal separator too, although the comma is preferred.

So, formatnum would return this:

{{formatnum:1890.01}} -> 1 890,0

{{formatnum:1890,01}} -> 1 890,0

{{formatnum:1890}} -> 1 890

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Severity: enhancement



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This isn't a per project customisation, it's done per language.

bachinchi wrote:

Well, the spanish Wikipedia doesn't say that. It was defined by the Real Academia Española, so it's kind of official:

There is a CLDR feedback welcome period beginning from next Wednesday (2012-04-04), seems something to report them.

Gerrit change #34429 merged. Marking this bug as resolved.