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find a better home for /home/wikipedia
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/home/wikipedia is mounted by puppet class nfs::home::wikipedia, as of now that is :


That partition is too small, and we do not want to make it larger (bug 36850).

Since /home/wikipedia is going to host several copies of MediaWiki and most logs, it definitely need more spaces and hence, a better home.

One possibility would be to use a subdirectory in projectstorage.pmtpa.wmnet:/deployment-prep-project which has a lot of disk space .


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Adding Faidon and Ryan for input.

Raising priority since this block us from properly setting up the beta labs to use MediaWiki multiversion.

As Ryan said on bug 36850, we'll eventually use something else from /home. This is not something that's not going to be implemented soon however, as it's currently blocked by several things out of reach (incl. a new gluster release that's not buggy) and is going to be time-consuming.

Even if we had space in /home though this is obviously not the proper place for this. Project storage is definitely the way to go, both conceptually (that's why it was made for) and realistically (time-wise).

What's stopping your from using it, what's the problem?

I opened this bug to git clone MediaWiki in /home/wikipedia . The aim was to find another solution that would have more space. Meantime Ryan cleaned out /home/ and I had eventually enough space to do my cloning.

I already asked to get /home/wikipedia mounted on project-storage to save up a layer of NFS / instance abstraction (aka labs-nfs1). But since project storage uses Gluster FS and we do not want to migrate data there ... We are blocked till Gluster FS is decommissioned.

I guess we can close that bug till Gluster FS is replaced. I will open a new bug whenever I feel /home/wikipedia needs more disk space (sounds fine right now).

Lowering priority on high priority bugs that have a low severity

The original reason for opening this bug was because labs-nfs1:/export/home/deployment-prep/wikipedia lacked disk space. That got fixed up by cleaning up and has not been an issue for several weeks.

The definitive fix would be to migrate /home to a new system which is really an entirely different issue.

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Reopening and setting priority to "Lowest".
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/home/wikipedia now contains symlinks to /data/project. So that is kind of fixed.