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setup IRC log relay on deployment-dbdump
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On fenari, /var/log/logmsg is a file where dologmsg can write to and any content is then pushed to an IRC channel.

This need to be replicated on deployment-dbdump following the puppet configuration of fenari:

node "" {

$ircecho_infile = "/var/log/logmsg"
$ircecho_nick = "logmsgbot"
$ircecho_chans = "#wikimedia-tech"
$ircecho_server = ""

include misc::ircecho


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I have set it up on deployment-dbdump using the Nova admin interface:

Class [misc::ircecho]

ircecho_chans Cloud-Services
ircecho_infile /var/log/logmsg
ircecho_nick beta-logmsgbot

I had to manually create the /var/log/logmsg files and I have tweaked its file permissions and ownerships.