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wrong favicon on siwiki and siwiktionary
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siwiki shows a favicon style that is normally used by wiktionaries (defined at wgFavicon):

and siwiktionary is using the wikipedia standard favicon (showing a "W"):

I think that layout should be swapped.

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Do you have a local consensus for this change?

The wiktionary one isn't a standard W but a letter in the si. alphabet, so I think a discussion on this wiki should confirm they wish a non standard favicon.

[ Taking this bug. Priority: low/minor. Shellpolicy issue. ]

The file:

Should be moved to:

Then, the following change set would achieve the configuration goal:

No, i am not part of siwiki/siwikitionary community and i do not speak this language.
I was only confused when i saw these favicon designs that normally represent a different project. The main site logo at navbar uses the correct project specific design.

Please open a discussion on their village pumps, so the community can approve the fix.

I have reported a bug not an enhancement or feature request. If you think the current situation is valid then close this bug as wonfix.

The situation isn't valid, so closing the bug as wontfix isn't a solution.

To edit the configuration of a wiki, we generally require a local consensus from this wiki, each community being responsible to request the configuration fitting best their needs.

I think if this favicon swap was not set with community consensus before, but just introduced inadvertently (which seems to be the case, why would a Wikipedia want the Wiktionary favicon and vice versa?), this change can as well be made without asking locally first. si.wiktionary does not have any active community anyway; for si.wikipedia one might ask at

Thank you for your feedback.

-shellpolicy +shell +patch-in-gerrit

Please see #comment 1 for file changes.

I have copied the file:

cp /mnt/upload6/wikipedia/favicon-si.ico /mnt/upload6/wiktionary/favicon-si.ico

Looks good to me while browsing:

pkavinda wrote:

I'm a active user and done over 6000+ edits in and i speak sinhala language. The english word "W" has the same meaning of the "වි" word in Sinhala. There is no problem with the current favicon and it's looking good for me. I think si.wikitionay title should be changed to වික්‍ෂනරි. Wikitionary = වික්‍ෂනරි (In sinhala language). Thanks for all.