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\acute{i} is not rendered as í, but as an acute accent over an 'i' with a dot
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Previously mentioned in bug 2458#c4

\acute{i} is not rendered as í, but as an acute accent over an 'i' with a dot.

Expected: í

This happens with both texvc and MathJaX.
Hopefully it's easier to fix it now in MathJax.

Version: master
Severity: minor



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It works the same for me in latex (acute over an 'i'), although maybe not if you load babel or something. I think in modern environments like those based on MathML or xelatex/luatex, you just want to type the unicode character 'í'. (not sure that will render correctly in MathJax at the moment, although it will definitely work with native MathML)

I think href="">this says</a> MathJax supports it. Is that correct? (BTW, not the MathJax fonts, but MathJax by combining a dotless i with an accent).

physik wrote:

I tried to reproduce the correct output with pdflatex and got the same result as Frédéric.
I tried
and got the wrong result in the PDF.

The Open Type MATH table has a dtls feature for dotless forms, so this could eventually be used for some Open Type math fonts and implemented in browsers. See for the CSS property.