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Creating new accounts causes uninformative "dberrortext" error on PostgreSQL 9.1
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Author: me

When creating new users through Special:CreateAccount on a MediaWiki install using a PostgreSQL database, account creation is interrupted with an uninformative "dberrortext" error message. The account does appear to be created, but the password emailed to the user does not work, and the user must complete the password-reset process in order to log in.

(This also happens on 1.19.1.)

Version: 1.19.1
Severity: major



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karun.84 wrote:

Can you provide a copy of the error message?

With PostgreSQL 9.1 and MediaWiki trunk (commit 26ef5558850fe4a93316b4a38a3bee32b58b22d1), I don't see this issue. I can create accounts, get the confirmation email, etc.

Which version of PostgreSQL are you using?

Chris: Can you please answer the questions in comment 1 and comment 2?

me wrote:

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I have deployed from a Git clone using the 1.19.1 tag. I am using PostgreSQL 9.1 from Debian backports.

The error results in the page header reading "<databaseerror>" and the body reading "<dberrortext>". Many strings appear malformed and doubly-escaped. See this screenshot:

Any extensions installed (see Special:Version)?
All the raw markup like &gt; also confuses me.

me wrote:

CheckUser 2.3 and ParserFunctions 1.4.1. Also running on PHP 5.3.3, if that is of any help.

oren wrote:

Couldn't reproduce this on latest mediawiki snapshot (612353287f1bf898e8234bf6395bde9eb201ef06), Postgres 9.1, PHP 5.4.15, Debian unstable.

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