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Tracking Bug for first release of Wikisource Android App
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Bugs that block a possible release of the Wikisource android app.

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Tpt created this task.Aug 19 2012, 7:55 PM

Unsure as to where to move this to. Have a generic 'Wiki apps' product perhaps?

The dependency is fixed.
I expect there is nothing stopping someone creating a Wikisource android app.

If someone wants to do this please go ahead using as a starting point. Any bugs for such an app should be filed under a new project on bugzilla.

Tpt added a comment.Oct 20 2012, 4:50 AM

I've already created a beggining of app from Wikipedia Mobile code with the help of Yuvipanda:
This app is working fine, I think that it's ready for an integration into Wikimedia Github repo if WMF staff is OK to support it.
There are ever things to be done:
1 Create a logo
2 l10n

[Merging 'Wiktionary App'&'Wikisource App' into 'Wikipedia App', see bug 41922]