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UploadWizard: Try to publish files after error again only works once
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If you had 2 files with the same name specified in one batch, an error is shown and you get the possibility to change the file name again. But if you didn't recognize that there were e.g. 4 files with the same name specified and you click the button to retry, it allows you to change the title again but refuses to publish your files.

Expected behaviour:
My files are published after choosing a unique name.

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Severity: normal



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Can you give more detailed steps to reproduce? At which stage do the files have the same name? E.g. are you selecting a batch that has multiple files with the same name, and if so, how are you doing that (multi-selecting across folders?). Or are you renaming the files in the "Describe" step and giving them the same name?

I had copied and pasted the title; the copy-title-functionality was not used because there were different types of images in one batch. BTW: An API module for querying all stashed files of one user is missing (something like [[Special:UploadStash]]).

I don't know whether it is reproducible now and I don't have the time to play.

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I can no longer reproduce this problem. I tried uploading four files, gave them all the same name in the Details screen, and got an error for three of them. Fixed one, tried again, got an error for the remaining two. Fixed those, tried again, all files went through.