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Wrong value for {{NUMBEROFFILES}} on the French Wikipedia
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Author: f.berteau


There is a problem with "{{NUMBEROFFILES}}" on fr.wikipedia. Currently, the number is ~ 36922 (see but when I use the link , I can see a different number (~ 38708). When I add the number of files of each category of , I can confirm a number of files ~ 38708. So, {{NUMBEROFFILES}} is probably false.

Thank you

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: trivial



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Reedy added a comment.Feb 2 2013, 11:45 PM

reedy@fenari:/home/wikipedia/common$ mwscript initStats.php frwiki --update
Refresh Site Statistics

Counting total edits...88080989
Counting number of articles...1347754
Counting total pages...5592529
Counting number of users...1481942
Counting number of images...39649
Counting total page views...1994111

Updating site statistics...done.

f.berteau wrote:

Thanks Sam Reed !